Question #1: Do They Answer Their Phones Live?

Video Transcript

A lot of small business owners and IT leaders are unsure of the right questions to ask a prospective it vendor.

Hi, I’m Ross Brouse, President of Continuous Networks, and today I’m talking about the 21 questions you need to ask a prospective IT vendor BEFORE you trust them with your network and data.


Question 1: Does the IT vendor answer their phones live?
Or do you have to leave a voicemail and wait for somebody to get back to you?

The reason why it’s so important that phones are answered live, is because it is incredibly frustrating to have to wait when you need support right away.

For those of you who have ever called Dell or HP or somebody when you needed help with a printer, how frustrating was it when you called up and you got that automated response system?

And you had to jump through a system of menus only to get somebody on the phone after five or 10 or 15 minutes or longer, only to be told after explaining that person the entire problem that they had to transfer you to somebody else?

Wouldn’t it be great if when you called you got the person on the phone who could help you right away?


We answer our phones live from 8am to 6pm.
And when you get ahold of somebody, they are the person who can solve your problem.

Also, outside of those hours, we still answer our phones live and make sure that the person you’re talking with can get you in touch with the person you need to talk to when it comes to emergency and critical issues.

This is incredibly important for IT leaders and owners who like to work at night or on weekends.

And when they run into something that prevents them from getting their work done.

They’re able to get in touch with the person who can help them solve that problem.


If you’d like to see how we handle our phone enquiries at Continuous Networks, contact us today on 332-217-0601 (New York) or 973-218-5770 (New Jersey) and put us to the test.

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