Question #16: Does Your IT Vendor Help You to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Many business owners and IT leaders are unsure of the right questions to ask a perspective IT vendor.
Hi, I’m Ross Brouse President of Continuous Networks, and today I want to talk about the 21 questions you need to ask a perspective IT vendor before you trust them with your network and data.

Question #16, If you were to experience a major disaster, do you have a written plan for how your data can be restored quickly and one that enables you to work properly from a remote location? 

Recently many of us have become successful from working from home, but how much do you still rely on your office, even when you’re not there? Do you still host your own email, what about your ERP system, or accounting system? If you are completely in the cloud, who hosts your software and what is their data recovery plan looks like. Are regularly recovery drills performed and if so, are you confident with the results? 

Many business owners and IT leaders take the idea of a major disaster for granted. However, in the last 10 years we’ve seen our fair share of them; hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorists’ attacks, cyberattacks, even pandemics, are all events that have happened to tens and thousands of businesses in recent years. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when, how confident are you, that you are ready to not only survive one of these events but enable your business to continue to conduct itself without major lost to you and your employees? A proper disaster plan is key to avoiding this loss and guaranteeing that you and your business will come out of the disaster stronger and more resilient.

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