Question #19: Do Your IT Vendor Technicians Arrive On-Time and Dress Professionally?

Many business owners and IT leaders are unsure of the right questions to ask a perspective IT vendor.
Hi, I’m Ross Brouse President of Continuous Networks, and today I want to talk about the 21 questions you need to ask a perspective IT vendor before you trust them with your network and data.

Question #19, Do your IT vendor technicians arrive on-time and dress professionally? 

Now I’m not suggesting that your IT vendor personnel show up in suits and ties. I’m a technologist and lord knows I don’t get dressed up like that to see my clients. That being said, IT personnel should arrive within the allotted time window they provide and if they are unable to do so, they should properly communicate to you ahead of time. Also, your IT vendors personnel should be clean, professional, and courteous to you and your staff. Technology support does tend to be a thankless profession, but that does not mean that there is an excuse to misbehave or not give people the respect and common courtesy they deserve. 

If you feel that your IT vendor does not conduct themselves in a professional manner when visiting your office and cannot be bothered to properly communicate with you about when they will arrive, then consider finding a vendor who will show you the respect and service you deserve.

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