Question #2: Do They Have a Written Guaranteed Response Time to Your Calls?

Video Transcript

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you put in a service requests, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and you sit there wondering,”I wonder if they even got my request? I wonder if somebody is even looking at it.”

Question 2: Do they have a WRITTEN response time that is GUARANTEED for service calls?

Now, the reason why it’s so important to have this is because when a provider documents how long it will take them to respond to specific issues of specific severities, you know exactly what you can expect.

You know if it’s going to take 30 minutes, or it’s going to take an hour or two hours, and you’re not left sitting there wondering, “Am I going to get support in the time that I need it.”


This is super critical when choosing a vendor you must know and they must be able to report to you how well they’re doing.

Any great service provider will track these metrics because they will want to make sure that they are meeting their agreements.

And they will have the ability to report that to you on a regular basis about how well they are doing with their service level agreements about response times to your calls.


We provide this data to our clients upfront, before we even begin working with them.

Firstly, because we feel like it’s the right thing to do. 

Second, because we want our clients to know what they can expect when they work with us.

And lastly, because we’re always looking for ways to improve our business operations, and our response metrics provide us indications on what we’re doing well or not well at any time.


If you’re not getting the level of service you expect, and deserve, from YOUR IT vendor, consider speaking with our team to see if we might be able to better serve your needs.

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