Question #21: Does Your IT Vendor “Own” Your Technology Issues?

Many business owners and IT leaders are unsure of the right questions to ask a perspective IT vendor.
Hi, I’m Ross Brouse President of Continuous Networks, and today I want to talk about the 21 questions you need to ask a perspective IT vendor before you trust them with your network and data.

Question #21, When something goes wrong with your internet service, phone systems, printers, or other IT systems, does your IT vendor own the problem or say that’s not our problem to fix? 

IT issues are extremely frustrating, as business owners we’re focused on our employees, customers, and products. And every time some piece of technology fails us, it gets in the way of us achieving our goals. Despite the fact that I run an IT company I am also a business owner and I too, understand just how frustrating these IT issues are. That being said, I believe very strongly in the concept of ownership. Smart, committed, and driven leaders also understand this concept of ownership and they take responsibility when systems fail. 

Our third core value is proactivity prevents problems, which is about learning from our mistakes. When technology systems in your business fail you, does your IT vendor take ownership of those issues and work to be proactive and figure out how to prevent them from happening again or do they sharp responsibility and point fingers at others. Demand an IT vendor that doesn’t point fingers and blame others but rather owns your IT issues and takes responsibility when mistakes are made.

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