Question #8: Does Your IT Vendor Monitor Your Network 24/7/365?

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Video Transcription

Question #8: Does your IT company insist that they monitor your network 24/7/365?

So that they can maintain watch over critical items like security events in software patching, that prevent business-impacting events such as downtime and security breaches?

Have you ever arrived at work on a Monday morning only to find out that a critical company system went down over the weekend, and now you are unable to work?

Have you ever had to call your IT vendor to let THEM know that something on your network wasn’t working, only to be frustrated because you thought you were paying them to know about these types of issues?


We take a proactive approach to managing our client’s networks.

We watch all security events across the network and actively investigate and remediate threats in real-time.

Our clients are notified ahead of time when there are networking security events that could impact their business so they can properly plan.

A good IT partner will monitor your network for these types of issues.

However, a great IT partner will properly set your expectations and take ownership of making sure your network runs well. 


If your IT vendor is NOT monitoring your networks 24/7/365, or you’re unsure as to the services they’re providing, you may be leaving your business EXPOSED to a critical network issue or worse, a cyber-attack.

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