Question #9: Does Your IT Vendor Provide Weekly Status Reports?

Do you know EXACTLY what your IT vendor is doing for you week to week?

If not, you could be paying for a service not being performed, leaving you EXPOSED and unprepared in the event of a data loss event or cyber-attack.

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Video Transcription

Question #9: Does your IT company provide you with a weekly status report?

This report should show the software and security update status for all of the machines in your network so that you know for sure that your systems have been secured and updated.

The biggest complaint I hear from company owners and leaders is that they do not know what their IT people are doing.

How do you know your IT company is doing what they say they will?

Remember, you cannot track what you do not measure.


We provide our clients with a detailed weekly report of their technical support history, including:

  • How many issues they had
  • How long it took us to respond to them, and
  • how long it took to resolve those issues.

Additionally, this report shows their current software security and patching status, so they can sleep easy at night knowing that their network is being properly maintained. 


Is your current IT vendor providing you with a detailed weekly status report?

Or are you leaving it to blind faith that they’re actually performing the service as contracted?

If you’re not receiving a weekly status update, and want to find out how our team might be able to better serve you, book a CyberSCORE call with our team.

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