Real or Fake Emails… Can YOU Spot The Difference?

Video Transcription

Can you spot a REAL email from a FAKE email? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Here is how to exercise caution before clicking a link in an email.

There are some obvious signs that alert us whether or not an email is fake or real.

If we pay attention to these signs, we may save ourselves from potentially being HACKED!

Here are some signs to look for in an email to tell if it is real or a fake email trying to scam you:

👉🏼 The sender’s email address has a generic public domain

👉🏼 The domain is completely wrong or slightly misspelled

👉🏼 The email is poorly written in terms of grammar and spelling

Remember to ALWAYS check the ‘From’ email address and be MINDFUL before clicking any links!

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