Smart Speakers Need To Die… Here’s Why.

Video Transcription

Here’s something I think needs to die in 2022… Smart speakers!
How many of you have Alexa, Google, or Siri in your home?
Probably a lot of you…

Now, these smart speakers were built with convenience, not security in mind.
And putting these on your home network could literally be like inviting a criminal right through your front door.
But since these things aren’t going anywhere, here are five ways you can be more secure using your smart speakers.

  1. Set up a secondary wireless network on your home router and use it only for home automation devices. This keeps it separate from your computer and your phone number.
  2. Turn off purchasing commands. I mean, do you really need that convenience anyway?
  3. Enable voice recognition so the speaker only responds to your voice.
  4. Delete your records. Alexa, delete what I said today.
  5. Don’t connect security devices like door locks or alarms.

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