Stop Your Kids Leaving Lights On With THESE Home Automation Tips

Video Transcription

ūüí°¬†Do¬†YOUR kids¬†leave¬†the bathroom light on¬†when they‚Äôre not using it?¬†¬†

Mine do too, and it drives me CRAZY! 
I am a technologist and a home automation enthusiast…
Actually, more like a home automation nutbag.  

Since my kids ALWAYS leave the bathroom light on, I’ve found a way to make it so that the light automatically turns off using the home automation gadgets I love. 

I use these products myself, and they’ve saved me both money and frustration.  

ūüĎČūüŹĽ¬†Check¬†out¬†today‚Äôs video,¬†so¬†you too can¬†keep the lights OFF and have fun while doing it!¬†

ūüĎᬆDoes anyone you live with drive you¬†MAD by¬†leaving the lights¬†in rooms they are not using?¬†Let me know in the¬†COMMENTS¬†below!¬†

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