Don’t Leave Your Doors Unlocked… Use DNS Perimeter Filtering!

Are you using DNS perimeter filtering in your home or business?

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Video Transcription

Here’s a cyber tip that’ll protect you better than a parka in the middle of winter.

Now I’m sure you have locks on your doors and windows and perhaps even an alarm system.

But what if your home was surrounded by thieves who would stop at nothing to break in?

Could be worse?

Well, to make matters worse, let’s say you got kids love to leave the windows in the doors unlocked.

What would you do about?


Well, thankfully, we’re talking about cyber-attacks.

And one of the best ways to keep hackers out of your network is to install DNS perimeter filtering.

If you’re a business, popular choices for this specific tool, are Cisco Umbrella, DNS Filter, and Mimecast.

And if you’re a home user, well, Cisco Umbrella they, got you covered, too.

You betcha!

As an added bonus, most of these tools also include content filtering, so you can keep your employees, or your kids, away from all those nasty websites.


Do you have DNS filtering deployed on your computers? 

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