Unique Passwords? SCREW IT! Use Single Sign On (SSO) Instead!

Do your employees still have their passwords all over their desks on sticky notes?

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Video Transcription

All of your passwords don’t HAVE to be unique.

But let me clarify…

That’s only true under one condition.

If you use the internet today, you know what this is.

And I’m sure you visited websites and seeing those little login with Google, Microsoft or Apple buttons…


It’s called Single Sign On, or SSO for short.

And it has some very clear benefits, like:

  • Users not having to remember as many usernames and passwords
  • Reducing the time that’s spent entering those usernames and passwords.
  • Lowering IT costs by lowering the number of helpdesk calls
  • Mitigating risk for access to third party websites.


If you’re a business and you use Microsoft 365 or Google, well guess what?

You already have single sign on and implementing it with compatible third party websites is really pretty easy.

Here’s an example of how it works.


I use Microsoft 365.

And here is their my apps portal.

You can see there are many different web services here and they already got access to all of them without having to log in again.

We’ll click here on my Google G Suite icon and you’ll see that it logs me right in without the need to enter a username and password.

And this can be done with many different web services and is a fantastic security improvement and a time saver.


Do you use single sign on in your business? If so how do you do it? 


If you unsure of HOW your business can best take advantage of Single Sign On, book in a CyberSCORE Assessment with our team, and get the RIGHT advice.

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