Working From Home Without Proper Network Security Is a Mistake!

Could your whole company be AT RISK from employees working from home?

If you’re concerned about whether your people are SAFE and SECURE while working from home, click the Orange button to book your FREE CyberSCORE Assessment with our team, and get the RIGHT advice.

Video Transcription

Working from home is a mistake…

There, I said it!


Large technology vendors like Cisco, Palo Alto and Soho spend millions and billions of dollars every year to continuously update their security products.

Then those businesses invest tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep their computers, their networks, and their users safe from cyber attacks, by using the products and services from these technology vendors.

So why on Earth do you think that you’re better off working from home than you are from a company’s office that has all of the security in place?


Now this isn’t a referendum on work from home.

In fact, I work from home every day.

The difference is, I’ve invested into the same technology that these businesses use to keep my home network safe.


Now, I’m certainly not saying that the average user should have these products or services in place at home.

The cost would be prohibitive.

However, most home users are 100% unequipped to protect themselves and the companies they work for from a cyber attack.


Are you using the router that your ISP gave you?

Your risk is HIGH!

Are you connecting to your company’s corporate network using a VPN?

Your risk is HIGH!

Are you using a computer that was not issued and protected by your company?

Your risk is HIGH!


These are just a few of the many risks that can take place in a home network.

Talk to your company and ask them if they have the proper security protocols, software and hardware in place to be sure that your work from home is secure and does not open your company to a vulnerability that could get them hacked.


I love working from home and I’m sure that many of you do too.

But be safe and do it the right way.


How can you be sure that you have what is necessary to make sure that your work from home is secure?

To find out, book a FREE CyberSCORE Assessment with our team, by clicking on the button below, and get the RIGHT advice.

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