You NEED To Change Your Email Password Immediately… Here’s Why.

Think your computer may have been compromised?

If you have used the same password for your email as everything else for some time now, and are unsure if your computer may be compromised, contact our team and get the RIGHT advice on what to do next.

Video Transcription

You know you’re guilty…

Using the same password for multiple things.

Hey, I get it.

It’s annoying trying to remember all of those passwords.

But let me tell you, Buster, if you don’t make your email password unique, you’re going to get HACKED.


Oh, that’s interesting.

Imagine what would happen.

Your email account gets compromised, and you didn’t even know it.

Silent email rules get put in place, and the attacker starts collecting your data.

A week later, your email account is used to distribute ransomware across your entire organization

And POOF… your data, it’s GONE.

Holy Buckets!


But let’s think about this for a sec.

How long would your business be down?

What would you say to your colleagues?

What would you tell your customers?

So there you are unable to run your business.

And your company’s reputation?

Severely damaged.


Oh, crapola.

So here’s my word of advice.

Stop screwing around and keep your email password UNIQUE from all other passwords.

And for heaven’s sakes, enable multi factor authentication already.

You betcha.

Do you make your email password unique or do you not know what the heck I’m talking about? 


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