How Co-Managed IT Can Boost Productivity and Reduce Overheads


Every day, CEOs and their team leaders are faced with tough investment decisions about where to allocate their valuable financial resources. No company can afford to lag behind when it comes to technology — but no one has unlimited funds, either. 

So what should you do when you need to expand your capabilities while not spending your last dollar? Co-managed IT could be the answer. Read on to find out why.

Overstretched IT departments are a ticking time bomb

If you’re like most IT managers and CEOs, your IT department is loyal and talented, but significantly understaffed and overwhelmed. Considering this, it’s no surprise that many of these departments rarely make headway on projects that are intended to protect business assets and increase bottom lines. 

If your team is unable to keep up with the day-to-day demands of a healthy, growing business, it’s unlikely they have the time to perform security and maintenance tasks that protect your organization from disaster and help you thrive in the long-run.

No company can afford to let their IT department lag — there won’t be a single department or function of your organization that isn’t significantly dependent on technology. Yet IT investments are often difficult to estimate, and the ROI might not be obvious or easily measured.

Co-managed IT offers a cost-effective and scalable solution

Co-managed IT offers a solution that is significantly less costly than investing in new full-time staff or purchasing expensive software solutions outright. It entails augmenting your existing IT team by outsourcing IT services

Through a scalable and flexible ongoing partnership, a co-managed IT firm can become a trusted part of your company’s long-term strategy. A good co-managed IT partner will also meticulously track your progress for demonstrable ROI.

As well as increasing the capacity of your existing team, co-managed IT professionals bring a wealth of expertise, access to the latest technology, and the skills to use it. Not only can they use these assets to better your business, they can upskill your existing staff through training and guidance. 

By arming your frustrated IT team with the support and resources they so desperately need, you can also reduce the risk of costly staff turnover.

How co-managed IT can boost productivity and increase security

The benefits of enlisting a co-managed IT partner don’t stop there. As well as improved efficiency within your IT team, you’ll see productivity gains across your whole organization thanks to systems that work consistently and issues that are resolved swiftly — in fact, the best outsourced IT firms offer round-the-clock support.

Among the greatest benefits of an external IT provider is the cybersecurity and data protection expertise they can bring. Many executives lose sleep over the thought of a ransomware attack or data loss event. As the cyber threat landscape diversifies, it’s getting tougher to ensure your organization is protected, or able to recover should disaster strike. 

It takes deep understanding and the latest security tools to develop and maintain robust cybersecurity and business continuity protocols, and many internal IT teams simply don’t have the time or resources to stay up to speed. 

By contrast, outsourced IT firms typically have teams of experts in cybersecurity who can protect your business with the latest tools and knowledge.

Find out more about co-managed IT today

Working with clients in a co-managed and flexible way, Continuous Networks is trusted by many business leaders as a long-term IT partner in cybersecurity, data-protection, and IT strategy. 

With more than two decades spent serving the New York and New Jersey areas, we provide all the compliance and security expertise regional companies could hope for in co-managed IT, alongside exhaustive knowledge in state and federal laws and regulations.

If you think a co-managed IT solution could be exactly what your business needs, book a consultation with Continuous Networks to find out how we can work with your business. 

You can also schedule a Continuous THREAT CHECK with our team to discover other ways your business technology can be improved. 

While you’re here, we’ve recently launched a new guide — The CEO and IT Manager’s Guide To Co-Managed IT — which goes into a whole lot more detail about this service. Click HERE to download it for FREE.

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