Co-Managed IT Services Guide
for Managers and CEOs

Discover a new approach to securing the professional-grade IT Support you need, without the costs of building a large in-house IT department.

What we cover in this guide

Why do businesses partner with us for
Co-Managed IT Solutions?


With our Managed IT services, we’re not just a vendor, we’re a partner for your current and future IT needs.

For over 20 years, Continuous has been an established and trusted IT services and cloud provider in New York and New Jersey.
All our on-site and cloud engineers have been with the company for no fewer than six years and their passion for IT is second only to helping our nearly 200 clients achieve their goals.

What our customers say

What success with our complete
managed solutions can look like

More time. Less stress.

Your teams have more time to focus on big projects that they would otherwise never find the time to start or finish.

Increased ROI

Reductions in downtime, inefficiencies, and staff turnover create a measurable positive return on IT investment.

Round-the-clock support

Continuous monitoring of your systems, network access, processes, and communication ensures you know we have you covered.

Better sleep

Everyone sleeps easier, knowing the business technology is safe, secure, and optimized to facilitate growth.

You have questions.

We have the answers.

Let’s find out together if our services are right for your business
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Our team will analyze all aspects of your technology health, determine your risk factors, and develop a plan for how we can help.

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Stop The IT Money Suck From Encroaching On Your Margins.

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