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Who is Continuous Networks?

Continuous Networks started in 1997 as an early adopter of web hosting, providing cloud services years before the term was in use and long before Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure were on the market.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy had a huge impact on our community and our customers. They came to us for services like business continuity, which needs close collaboration to implement successfully. We discovered that we thrive delivering services that require strong personal relationships with a lower number of customers.

*Note: CadreNet has joined the Continuous Networks family in 2021.

Why should you partner with us?

Get to know us

Leadership Team


Jason Silverglate


Ross Brouse


Jennifer Taillac

Director of Client Services
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Robin Normart

Director of Technology Operations

Technical Team


Edwin Javier

Continuous Alignment Manager

Robert Sawyer

Continuous Alignment Manager
Steven Palma

Steven Palma

Continuous Alignment Manager

James Baxter

Continuous Alignment Manager

Kailey Jordan

Client Success Manager

Clarence Castro

Reactive Support Engineer

Rob Gosselin

Continuous Alignment Manager

Michael Blandino

Service Desk Engineer
ScottCaricature copy (1)

Scott Peritzman

Client Success Manager

Justin Clifford

Service Desk Engineer
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Bill Billand

Client Success Manager

Salvatore Rubino

Service Desk Engineer

Sean McDonough

Network Engineer
SteveFCaricature (1)

Steve Folkertsma

Centralized Services Engineer
AlecCaricature copy

Alec McMeen

Centralized Services Engineer
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Billy Billand

Service Engineer
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Norris Redona

Service Engineer

Steven Bley

Service Manager
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Rohit Bisht

Service Desk Engineer
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Rowan Sharma

Service Desk Engineer
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Kelly Kumari

Service Desk Engineer
Team Member TBA Placeholder

Vinay Sharma

Professional Services Engineer

Sales Team


Enrique Kalb

Director of Cybersecurity Sales

Marketing Team

MadisonCaricature copy

Madison Korta

Marketing Manager

Finance Team


Ashley Podobnik

Financial Coordinator

Our core values

Deliver dedication

We love technology and we leverage it to champion the companies we work with. Our clients are our partners and we are as committed to their businesses as we are to our own.

Learning is growing

We never stop learning. The more we learn about our craft, about each other and about ourselves, the more positive value we bring to the world.

Proactivity prevents problems

We leverage our knowledge and experience to anticipate and prevent future problems. We don’t make the same mistake twice.

Business is personal

Building long-lasting relationships is what we do – with our clients, our vendors and most importantly with each other.

A tie does not make a professional

Authenticity is our greatest core value. We are at our personal greatest when we are true to ourselves.

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The CEO and IT Managers Guide to
Co-Managed IT Solutions

2021 Edition
A new approach to securing the professional-grade IT support you need for growing your business without the cost and difficulty of building a large in-house IT department.

What our customers say

Better Sleep Guarantee

Our tailored solutions will quickly integrate with your existing systems and optimize your technology environment. 

We guarantee you will see and feel the benefits throughout your organization in less than 90 days, and if you’re not sleeping better as a result, we’ll buy you a new mattress!


You have questions.

We have the answers.

Let’s find out together if our services are right for your business.

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Our team will analyze all aspects of your technology health, determine your risk factors, and develop a plan for how we can help.

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Stop The IT Money Suck From Encroaching On Your Margins.

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