How Co-Managed Solutions Are Making IT Teams AWESOME


It’s not easy being an IT manager. You’re responsible for keeping so many balls in the air: day-to-day operations, equipment maintenance, staff management, compliance issues, cybersecurity…the list goes on. 

Keeping your organization secure and operational is a huge responsibility and a heavy burden to carry. The workload is increased by the knowledge that — on top of everything else — your department should be learning the latest skills and pursuing new projects that keep your organization cutting-edge and profitable.

Do these issues sound familiar?

You know your business technology should work effectively, not frustrate and impede the end users — be they your loyal staff or customers. Your executives should provide the costly but necessary resources to proactively keep the organization secure and operational, rather than offering emergency relief after disaster strikes.

However, you likely keep finding yourself at the same roadblock: limited time and resources that keep you stuck in a cycle of reactive, quick-fix responses to IT issues. Not only does this result in even more wasted time down the line, it leaves you unable to focus on the big picture or plan for the future. 

We know you’d like nothing better than to offer regular learning opportunities to your staff, spearhead exciting new projects, and get results that will blow your CEO away. Don’t worry, there is a solution.

Busy IT teams need:

  • Better resources to meet the ever-growing needs of their organization.
  • Training in areas where proficiency and specialization are lacking.
  • Support from knowledgeable IT partners who can reduce the burden of daily operations and help implement technology that enables their organization to thrive.

A co-managed IT partnership will transform your company

Imagine what your team could achieve with more time, less stress, a knowledge base to reach out to, and improved operational efficiencies. By outsourcing IT services to a co-managed partner, you could achieve exactly this. 

Rather than taking away company jobs, co-managed IT offers a way to enhance your existing team, freeing them up to pursue the bigger projects that make them look awesome at annual meetings and company reviews.

When you outsource IT support, not only do you get more hands on deck, you also gain access to valuable experience, knowledge and resources that could push your business technology to the next level. Co-managed IT partners can also greatly enhance your cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance management. 

And the icing on the cake? Co-managed IT often costs far less than hiring in-house staff, and negates the risk of staff not working out. By enlisting a co-managed partner on a long-term, flexible basis, you can fill in every need your current team has, all for a fixed monthly rate.

What do co-managed IT clients say?

Businesses just like yours have outsourced IT services to Continuous Networks.

“Continuous Networks has the team to resolve everyday issues, the resources to quickly solve big, unexpected problems, and the experience to evolve our IT environment as technology advancements are made. Continuous has changed our IT landscape for the better!” says Jeff Ayes of ChildSmiles.

At Continuous, not only do we relish improving our clients’ technology, we also understand that every company’s needs are unique. As Richard Engel of Decotech Inc. attests, “The single biggest benefit since moving to Continuous is peace of mind. They don’t use a cookie-cutter approach but rather take the time to understand our specific business needs.”

Think co-managed IT might be right for you?

If you think a co-managed IT solution could be exactly what your business needs to grow and improve its technology, we’re here to help. 

As industry experts with over 20 years’ experience serving New York and New Jersey, we excel at long-term technology partnerships, with many of our clients choosing to make us a trusted part of their IT team, rather than a quick fix or project-based vendor.

Our long regional history also means we are experts in state and federal compliance laws and regulations. 

Interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation with Continuous Networks to see how co-managed IT could work for your business.

We’ll ask targeted questions about how we can produce results, and which flexible cost plan will work for your budget.

At the same time, we can perform a Continuous THREAT CHECK to assure that we are the right fit for you.

In the meantime, we’ve recently launched a new eBook — The CEO and IT Manager’s Guide To Co-Managed IT. Click here to download it for FREE.

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