Question #6: Does Your IT Vendor Have Adequate Errors and Omissions Insurance to Protect You?

Is your IT Vendor appropriately insured if something happens?

Failing to maintain adequate errors and omissions insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance will leave your business EXPOSED to potential litigation.

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Video Transcription

Who have you allowed access to your company network and data?

Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, Geek Squad, you know those technical guys that work for Best Buy?

They were slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from customers for bad behavior by their technicians.

In some cases, their Tech’s were accessing, copying, and distributing personal information that they gained access to on customers’ PCs and laptops that were brought in for repairs.

In other cases, they lost the client’s laptop and subsequently all the data on it and tried to cover it up.


Question #6: Does your IT vendor have adequate errors and omissions insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance to protect you?

Here’s something they absolutely have to consider if your IT vendor causes a problem with your network, and that results in downtime for hours or days or worse yet, loss of data, who is actually responsible for that?

Here’s something else to consider.

What if one of your IT vendor’s technicians gets hurt at your office?

Who’s gonna pay for that?


We live, it’s disgusting, but we live in a very litigious society.

And you just have to make completely sure that whoever you hire is adequately insured with both errors and omissions insurance and workers’ compensation.

You need to ask them, can you show me your insurance policy?

Can you show me your cyber insurance policy?

Any good vendor will produce that for you and prove that they have the coverage that they’re saying they do.


Naturally, we maintain strict errors and omissions insurance, and worker’s compensation policy for our staff and clients under management, so that under no circumstances, are they held responsible should something unexpected occur.

If your IT vendor isn’t able to produce the required documentation to PROVE they hold adequate insurance cover, or, you would prefer to work with a company that you KNOW will keep your business appropriately protected, book a CyberSCORE call with our team to see how we can best help you.

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