You’re Business Technology is NOT as “OK” as You Might Think…

Can you confidently answer my 3 questions?

If not, not only could you be leaving money on the table, you could be leaving your business EXPOSED to a cyber-attack as well.

Click the Orange button to book a CyberSCORE call with our team, and find out where you stand. IT could be the best investment of 30 minutes you’ll ever make.

Video Transcription

When I meet with business owners and leaders, and I asked them about the confidence they have in the technology they use to run their business, most of them will tell me, “we’re fine.”

Hi, I’m Ross Brouse, President of Continuous Networks, and today, I’d like just 87 seconds of your time to show you how you might not be as fine as you think.


Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Are you 100% confident that your company has all of the software systems, processes, and personnel in place to protect you from a cyber attack?
  2. Do you make or approve technology-related decisions for your business without wanting to understand your return on investment?
  3. If I was to interview each one of your employees and ask them if they felt like your business technology helped them remain safe, secure, and efficient with their jobs, would they all say yes?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then your business is at risk.


Think of it this way.

All I’m asking for from you is 30 minutes of your time to show you how you can know for sure whether or not your business has what it needs to remain safe and efficient.

Click the orange button below to book a CyberSCORE call with us, and let us show you how you can start feeling more confident in your business technology.

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